/Taking The Usage From Luqmanul Hakim About Child Education

Taking The Usage From Luqmanul Hakim About Child Education

Syaikh Muhammad bin Jamil Zainu

Alloh Ta’ala tells the history Luqman Al-Hakim in  Luqman Letter verse 13 until 19, when He gave the valuable advice unto his child:

“And (remember) when Luqman said unto his son, when he was exhorting him: O my dear son! Ascribe no partners unto Alloh. Lo! To Ascribe partners (unto Him) is a tremendous wrong” (Luqman:13)

Avoiding The Shirk in worship unto Alloh. like, prayer unto death people or prayer unto Disappeared person.

Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said that:

“The prayer is the worship” (HR. Tirmidzi, He said that:”truly Valid”)

And also Alloh Ta’ala says:

“Those who believe and obscure not their belief by wrongdoing”( Al-An’am:82)

Relating to this verse, in the Hadith:

“Friends of Prophet said that: O Rasulullah, who is among of us who never make wrong ourselves? So Prophet explained: The Meaning of Verse ( not obscure their belief with wrong) it is not like you undersstood, but it meant the shirk

Did you hear Luqman saying unto his son.”Verily the shirk is a tremendous wrong?” (Muttafaqun ‘alaihi)

The next Luqman advice:

“And We have enjoined upon man concerning his partners- His mother beareth him in weakness upon weakness, and his weaning is in two years-Give thanksunto Me and unto thy parents. Unto Me is the journeying” (Luqman:14)

May The Children play he doll?

Then Alloh combines the command to have tawheed with commanding to reserve unto parents, because the parents have the big right

A mother bears his child with full Difficulty. A Father assumes living for their families

So , among of them deserve the devotion of his child  rightly, As form of thanking unto Alloh and thanking unto his parents

“But if they strive with thee to make thee ascribe unto Me as partner that of which thou hast no knowledge, then obey them not. Consort with them in the world kindly, and follow the path of Him who repenteth unto Me. Then unto Me will be your return and I shall tell you what ye used to do” (Luqman:15)

Ibnu Katsir rahimahullah said that was short:

“If the parents strived to make you follow their wrong religion, so did not follow them.

But, this matter may not avoid you to keep relationship to them with the world kindly, namely kindly, and keep to follow the believer ways”

This matter was strenghented by Hadith:

There was the obedience in the cruel unto Alloh, Verily The Obedience is only in kind matter” (HR. Al-Bukhari 7257, Moslem 1840)

The next Luqman Advice:

“O my dear son!Lo!thaough it be but the weight of grain of mustard-seed, and though it be in a rock, or in the heavens or in the earth, Alloh will bring it forth. Lo!Allohis Subtile, Aware” (Luqman:16)

Ibnu Katsir explained:

“Verily the wrong and the sin eventhough the weight of mustard-seed. Later, the last day wil Alloh present when weighing the works

And All it will be given. If the work is good, so the reward is good . If  the work is bad, so the reward is bad.”

“O  my dear son!Establish worship” (Luqman:17)

And enjoin kindness and forbid iniquity, and persevere whatever may befall thee. Lo! That is of the steadfast heart of things” (Luqman:17)

Do  Amar ma’ruf nahi mungkar with the soft according to the ability.

“And persevere whatever may befall thee” (Luqman:17)

To know that when doing Amar ma’ruf nahi Mungkar, certainly, It will get the hindrance from other person.

So, Alloh commands to the patient. Prophet Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said that:

“A believer who socializes in the middle of society and patient toward  their hindrance, It is better from a believer who does not socialize in the middle of society and is not patient towardtheir hindrance” (HR. At- Tarmidzi 2507, Al-Bukhari in Adabul Mufrad 388, Ahmad 5/365, Syaikh Musthafa Al Adawi said this hadith valid in Mafatul Fiqh 44)

The Next Luqman Advice:

“Lo! That is of the steadfast heart of things” (Luqman:17)

It means, Be patient when Amar ma’ruf Nahi Mungkar includes the great matter

“Turn not thy cheek in scorn toward folk” (Luqman:18)

It means do not turn the face from other person  because of Dismissive and Arrogant. When talking to them.

But, the soft attitude and put the good face to them. Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said that:

“Do not you condemn people, do not you dismiss the kindness a bit, eventhough it is only with happy face when talking to your brother.

It has included the kindness. And raise your sarong until the middle of Calf, if you are relunctant, So until the ankle

To Avoid Isbal in using the sarong. Because Isbal is the arrogant” (HR. Abu Daud 4084, valided Al-Albani in Shahih Sunan Abi Daud)

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Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam also said that:

“ Your smile toward your brother face is Alms” (HR.Tirmidzi 1956, He said: “Hasan Gharib”. Valided by Al-Albani in Shahih At-Targhib)

The next Luqman Advice:

“Turn not thy cheek in scorn toward folk, nor walk with pertness in the land. Lo! Alloh loveth not each braggart boaster” (Luqman:18)

It means, Do not walk arrogantly and boaster because they will make Alloh angrily. Therefore, Alloh says the next:

“Lo! Alloh loveth not each braggart boaster”

It means, The arrogant and boaster (mukhtal) and dismiss other people (fakhur)

“Be modest in thy bearing” (Luqman :19)

It means, walk with the modest, either slow nor fast. But, the appropriate and middle walk

The next Luqman Advice:

“And subdue thy voice. Lo! The harshest of all voices is the voice of the ass” (Luqman:19)

It means, Do not more in Speaking and do not voice high without the need. Therefore, Alloh says the next( it means)”Lo! The harshest of all voices is the voice of the ass”

Mujahid rahimahullah said:

“The Worst voive is the voice of ass. It means people who increase his voice is like the Ass because The Ass  is hard and shrill voice

It shows The forbidden works and it is bad. Because asulullah Shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam said that:

“ There is not an example the worst people, except peole who ask back what He gives, like, The dog that lick its vomit back” (HR. Bukhari no 1490, Moslem no 1620)

“If you hear the chicken sound (crow). So pray to ask  the favors unto Alloh. But, if you hear The Ass sound (shrill), so ask to save unto Alloh, because the Ass is looking at Satan” (Muttafaqun ‘alaihi)” (Interpretation Ibnu Katsir, 3/711)

Wallahu  a’lam

( Translated from Book Kaifa Nurabbi Auladana, Created Syaikh Muhammad bin Jamil Zainu)

Arranger: Yulian Purnama

English Translator: Anton Febriantono

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